Boshof district extends over approximately 438 350 hectares of agricultural land which is utilised as follows:

Grazing land = 406 300 hectares

Grain - dry land = 30 000 hectares

Grain - irrigation = 2 050 hectares

Farms are occupied and managed by approximately 174 farmers with their families - a total of approximately 522 and approximately 3600 workers with 12 000 dependants.

Farming activities are mainly made up of meat and grain, while there are also a number of milk farmers. Chicken farming (meat and eggs) is also exercised on a reasonable scale while there is one large ostrich-farm.

Stock farming comprises 16 932 cattle and 50 794 small stock, of which approximately 2% are goats and the rest sheep. Approximately 2% of the cattle produce approximately 6,5 million litres milk per annum.

Some farmers have their own studs.

It is estimated that the following grain is produced annually:

36 000 ton maize; 2160 ton sunflower, 1000 ton wheat, while a reasonable quantity fodder is planted for own usage.

A number of farmers also make use of voerkrale.

Vegetables and fodder are also produced under irrigation.

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